SoundEar 3-300

Manage noise the easy way
Published by SoundEar A/S


Measure, document the noise levels and helps control hospital noise

Would you like to create peace and quiet for your patients? SoundEar helps companies worldwide to reduce noise. We do this through our 20 years of experience in the noise monitoring industry, and through our unique offer of not only measuring noise, but also visualizing noise. SoundEar 3 - Measure, monitor and manage noise in hospitals. Less noise and interruptions will improve patients’ recovery time and reduce stress levels.

Makes it easy to keep track of noise levels:

  • Directly on the device in the room (patients, staff, visitors).
  • In the software with noise measurements from each room displayed live (staff).
  • Through automated noise reports sent to your email, e.g. one for each shift, for each day of the week or for each week (staff).
  • In the software with the possibility of comparing and analyzing noise levels.
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    SoundEar 3-300


    Reduce noise by visualizing it

    Visualizes noise in the patient rooms, making everyone aware that they need to keep the volume down.

    Improve patient satisfaction

    Noise reduction causes less postoperative complications.

    Keep track of noise levels

    Receiving automated noise reports before or after a shift, directly in your inbox.

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