Evident Proof

Immutable Data Proof as a Service
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Evident Proof transforms data, documents, transactions and entire workflows into tamper proof, unchangeable records

Evident Proof stores ‘proof seals’ of any type of data, document, transaction and even entire workflows, onto an unchangeable and unhackable blockchain. At the press of a button any data or workflow activity can be output as a Proof Certificate.

Data Proof Certificates deliver 100% irrefutable evidence, applicable in UK & European civil and criminal courts and tribunals. The platform enables you to protect your data from threats and can save organizations £1000’s in legal fees and data fines.

No need to change existing databases or code. Evident Proof runs alongside existing database activities and workflows. Non-disruptive technology, it’s quick to set up using NuGet and Visual Studio plugins. In just 7 mins, the Evident Proof platform can be plugged in to run alongside any of your datasets.

Evident Proof


Prove GDPR Subject Access Requests (SARs)

Evident Proof delivers all the evidence you need to demonstrate your GDPR compliance at the touch of a button – potentially saving you valuable time and thousands of pounds.

Protect data from being hacked or changed

In the unfortunate event of an internal or external data hack, breach or malicious change, the Evident Proof platform can be used to help understand the nature of the occurrence, identify missing data and help guide the organization response.

Cost savings on compliance and audits

Regulatory fines can be as high as 40% of annual turnover, notwithstanding the huge admin and legal costs to prove compliance and lawfulness. Evident Proof enables you to negate all such efforts and costs with one small monthly billing cycle.

Reduced risk

Upon connection, your organization's data cannot be hacked, changed or tampered with and once you have identified your Proof workflows you can withstand any compliance, legal or legislative challenge.

Less hassle

Upon integration, initial data audit and risk assessment, your organization will be prepared in advance to instantly and irrefutably prove data integrity against any scrutiny.

Prove supply chain provenance and product transparency

By providing an immutable – provable – ledger, and the ability to easily interrogate the data, each supply chain partner can prove their provenance.


The Evident Proof platform can be used to ensure your customers only purchase original products.
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