Architecture for Device to Cloud Leveraging Cisco’s Networking Infrastructure

Industrial automation TVDA
Published by Schneider Electric


Industrial Automation TVDA based on a Cisco converged network infrastructure

Industrial organizations face multiple challenges when embarking on a digital transformation journey. They want to establish a robust yet secure infrastructure, one that will support the transformation yet also lower ongoing operational costs. They want to leverage new technologies, such as IoT, analytics, and AI-driven applications to improve performance and flexibility. They need to bring their OT and IT networks together, using IT skills to protect OT operations and maintain regulatory compliance.

The Schneider Electric OT/IT Industrial Automation reference architecture enables a converged and secure OT/IT production ecosystem. With this fully validated network architecture, industrial organizations can :

  • Experience superior uptime and resilience
  • Establish one streamlined, secure network
  • Realize end-to-end network and cybersecurity management
  • Bring IT management tools into the OT domain
  • This document will facilitate a practical migration to a digital environment from the legacy of manual repetitious processes and procedures. It will help you experience step-change improvements in business performance, flexibility, and sustainability in industrial automation. Your organization will benefit from OT/IT network convergence, sensor to cloud connectivity, and end-to-end cybersecurity, unleashing the value of EcoStruxure™, Schneider Electric’s data-driven architecture.

    Architecture for Device to Cloud Leveraging Cisco’s Networking Infrastructure


    Enable industrial digital transformation

    Provides a converged, network-centric architecture which will support the digital transformation journey. It will also help to bring IT closer to OT and transform the culture to support new processes and technologies.

    Enhance cyber security

    Meets mission critical cyber security requirements and comply with IEC62443. It will allow to extend IT cybersecurity practices to industrial operations.

    Improve operational performance

    Allow asset owners to maximize production uptime and reduce energy consumption.
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