Large International Airport (IEC) – 10-80 Million Passenger Movements Per Year - Engineering Package

IEC Reference airport electrical and digital architecture
Published by Schneider Electric


Reusable reference design for a large international airport following IEC standards and products

This reference electrical and digital architecture design is based on a large international airport with approximately 10-80 Million passenger movements per year.

This reference design uses modern design concepts and technology with the objective of ensuring the design of a resilient, sustainable, and digitized airport electrical infrastructure.

Based on a typical airport electrical topology, with minimum two incoming utility feeds with a medium voltage ring supplying power to downstream normal and emergency low voltage main distribution. The low voltage distribution feeds essential and non-essential loads in terminals/piers and baggage handling systems.

This reference digital architecture suggests integrated connected technologies from medium voltage, low voltage downstream to final distribution to help provide for improved electrical safety, power availability, sustainability and efficiency while instilling the most cyber resilient principles. It also provides design considerations for integrating systems such as the electrical power monitoring and building management systems.

Note: This offer contains an engineering Report & CAD Files. For a free engineering report see the Summary in Related Products.
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Large International Airport (IEC) – 10-80 Million Passenger Movements Per Year - Engineering Package


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Get access to well thought-out reports and Single Line Diagrams to document your engineering project with ready to use technical description & drawings of best in class electrical & digital architectures.

State-of-the-art solutions

Design state-of-the-art airport electrical systems by leveraging modern technology to deliver the most efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable solutions.

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Check out our Airport Blogs to know more about the latest airport trends in digitization, sustainability, resilience and more!
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