Biometric facial recognition software for access control systems
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Provide secure and convenient access control for staff and visitors

Id-Gate expands the classic comprehensive access control and management capabilities of EcoStruxure™ Security Expert with advanced biometric features using facial recognition technology. Id-Gate allows you to enrich the already operated access control system with new biometric functions without significant additional investments.

Cards vs biometric terminals

Terminal based on face recognition is reliable and comfortable tool of access and results of face identification can’t be passed on or forgotten unlike traditional RFID cards.

Virtual access control points for higher security level

Connecting a video camera to Id-Gate as a virtual biometric access control point allows EcoStruxure™ Security Expert to automatically receive information about detected access violations in the organization.

If an unauthorized person is detected, the information is promptly transferred to EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

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Easy connection to an existing ACS

Easy access for visitors by passing the check-in counter

Informative biometric terminal interface

Face recognition for areas with high security requirements

Full-featured Id-Gate integration with EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

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Fast and secure access control

Provide fast and secure biometric access for employees and visitors in a second via Id-Gate face recognition technology. Lost, stolen or forgotten at home RFID-cards will no longer be a headache for your security team.

Comfortable visitor access

Register a visitor once at the reception. Activate one-time or temporary visitor access in EcoStruxure™ Security Expert. The visitor no longer needs to wait for the guest RFID-card at the reception. He can go straight to a meeting without wasting time.

Enhance your security level

Use Id-Gate's unique access control capabilities to enhance security. Connect the IP-camera located in the high-security area to the Id-Gate. The system identifies people passing by and automatically notifies the EcoStruxure™ Security Expert operator about violations of access rights, detection of unauthorized persons.

Full-featured integration with EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

Manage the new Id-Gate biometric access control features with the familiar EcoStruxure™ Security Expert user interface. Deep integration between EcoStruxure™ Security Expert and Id-Gate allows all access rules to be automatically applied. This makes setting up, operating, and using biometric capabilities simple and convenient.
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