AI-as-a-Service Expert Execution System
Published by DataProphet


  • Easy integration
  • Simulation
  • Ranked statistics
  • Timeseries
  • Report picker
  • Plant dropdown
  • Search & Report filters

Easy integration

Our highly specialized team deploys PRESCRIBE across all common platforms and floor management systems in 8 weeks.
Security built-in
  • All manufacturing and application data is stored in fully isolated, cloud-secure databases.

Rapid data Ingestion
  • Integrates with any PLC, SCADA, or other source and ingests information from databases, spreadsheets, and sensors.


PRESCRIBE provides you with a learnt digital twin of your factory - engineers simulate the impact of process changes on throughput, without disrupting production.
Process optimization
  • AI algorithms analyze and monitor complex interactions between processes and prescribe the next best step to improve quality.

Ranked statistics

Using the dropdown provided, users can analyze the importance rating of particular process changes, along with relevant parameters.
Ranked statistics


A line graph shows users how process parameters have varied through time, so operators are warned ahead-of-time about higher defect rates or reduced process yields.

Report picker

Operators can use this to easily compare reports across time, and discuss with team members whether process changes are being actioned correctly.
Report picker

Plant dropdown

This allows users to drill-down and explore prescription reports across different steps in the manufacturing process, and to glean diverse user perspectives.
Plant dropdown

Search & Report filters

A digital, process compatible, model of your factory.
Embedded best practice
  • Distillation and maintenance of institutional knowledge via parsed process data are continually transferred.

  • This helps users find the parameters crucial to a particular piece of equipment or process change, reducing the time taken to action prescriptions.

Report filters
  • Users can filter uncontrollable and optimized parameters to focus only on critical changes for their process.

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