AI-as-a-Service Expert Execution System
Published by DataProphet


Prescriptive analytics solution for continual manufacturing process optimization

Latent defects in automotive, iron, aluminum, rubber, glass and semiconductor manufacturing lead to wasted production time and unnecessary operational costs. This is because production process anomalies are typically detected too late to avoid scrap and rework for several defective batches.

DataProphet PRESCRIBE is a deep learning, AI-driven solution whose algorithms parse all historical and live factory data. These machine learning algorithms then model the web of interdependencies between adjustable and non-adjustable production process parameters and quality measurements. As an Expert Execution System (EES), PRESCRIBE only generates prescriptive guidance for the high-impact set point adjustments that will holistically optimize plant performance for the specific, complex manufacturing process it has been trained to understand.

PRESCRIBE’s translations of cascading process dynamics are rendered into a simple sequence of operator prescriptions on a user-configurable, live web interface. DataProphet PRESCRIBE ties the best producible quality of components to all controllable manufacturing parameters. This means plant controllers can be assured of pre-emptive prescriptions to deliver the best possible rate of defect reduction - ahead of real-time, and with no interruptions to production.

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Data Explorer

Main dashboard


Less scrap

Pre-empt process-related defects to avoid scrap.

Faster startup

Adapt to changes in demand and resource availability, and eliminate slow, costly iteration for new batches.

First pass yield

Optimize process parameter changes to avoid loss in yield.

Better energy consumption

Target the production process variables that underlie energy intensity and consumption.

Lower product return rates

Eliminate shipped defects and enjoy an improved reputation for quality. Reduce quality defects by at least 40%

Fewer Q-stops

Receive proactive prescriptions to prevent defects manifesting as non-quality.
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