Time Slot Booking Management for factories

No more truck drivers waiting at your door with dock scheduling
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Eliminate costs and waiting time for the drivers with a simple collaborative time slot booking software

Trucks are constantly arriving and leaving your facilities. Often they show up late, or require a specific dock that is already being used. Miscommunication might mean they end up showing up at the wrong time. Managing slots in warehouses and sites is not easy. There are so many moving parts: road traffic, production, equipment. Throw in 3rd party carriers, and it gets even more complicated. Managing dock appointment scheduling manually is not only unnecessary, it’s risky. Every unexpected delay adds up. A single delivery arriving late can result in missed deadlines and hours of congestion.

With our Time Slot Management Software built for industrial shippers, give your carriers and suppliers access to a simple collaborative dock appointment platform. They book their slot on their own, within business constraints you set up, so you can streamline operations on your premises.

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Time Slot Booking Management for factories

Create your typical weeks.

Make dock appointment scheduling easier for your suppliers.

PIlot your docks activity in real time.

Ensure safety compliance on your logistics sites.


Reduce logistics costs

Downtime on a loading bay is expensive. Save on detention and demurrage costs, with timely scheduled deliveries, adapted to your capabilities.

Streamline operation planning

No peaks, no overtime, no idle times. Say goodbye to chaos on company premises. Vehicle arrival times are automatically adapted to available resources, such as teams, lift trucks or other equipment.

Improve productivity

Booking appointments yourself is a tedious administrative task prone to miscommunication. Outsource it to your carriers to automate the process.
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