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  • Low-Code Rule Designer
  • Bring your Own Machine Learning
  • Integration
  • Analytics

Low-Code Rule Designer

The rule designer allows users to create and operationalise their own rules without any support, simply by dragging and dropping code snippets onto our canvas, and connecting them, based on outcomes.
Low-Code Rule Designer

Bring your Own Machine Learning

The Waylay BYOML (Bring Your Own Machine Learning) module enables customers to effectively operationalize any machine learning algorithm with the Waylay rules engine.

Waylay BYOML is for data scientists and data engineers that are working on data solutions involving ML model training. Once an ML algorithm is trained and ready to produce output predictions, it can be used with Waylay BYOML as a simple node in business logic workflows, unlocking multiple automation and integration applications.

A common application of Waylay’s BYOML is orchestrating machine vision models, where industrial customers use the output of a single-task image recognition ML model to build automation workflows to alert machine operators, send notifications to maintenance teams, stop/start machines and more.

Bring your Own Machine Learning


Break down operational barriers, integrate IoT with your IT and OT. Unlock more customer and operational value with popular native integrations or easily configure your own. Put your product data to operational use by getting IoT insights into your line of business IT applications, in real time.

Operationalizing IoT data empowers cross-functional teams and maximizes the business return on IoT investments.


Tap into the rich potential of your asset and process data with easy operational deployment for stream, time series and ML analytics.

Stream Analytics - Automatically transform raw sensor data into relevant business metrics, in real-time. Amplify your team's proven domain expertise across trillions of live data points. Waylay's automation technology provides a low-code approach to apply expert knowledge and heuristics across large sets of data. Aimed at subject matter experts, non-data experts, power business users.

Time Series Analytics - Analyse historical records of asset metrics, to uncover patterns and predict future behavior. Leverage state-of-the-art algorithms to learn new insights from your big data. Waylay's time series analytics supports state-of-the-art statistical modelling algorithms, with the unique ability to automatically select the best models for a given training set. Aimed at subject matter experts, data & non-data experts.

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