Web portal that provides visibility into your UPS

EcoStruxure™ IT SmartConnect provides remote UPS power monitoring for all 1-3kVA APC Smart-UPS with a SmartConnect Ethernet Port. You can extend remote UPS monitoring after your trial period has expired. You will be notified about Standard plan expiry and Advanced plan options.

This subscription extends remote UPS monitoring and allows you to continue receiving email alerts, firmware upgrades, and more. The new Advanced plan lets you remotely reboot outlet groups on the UPS to power-cycle connected IT equipment. A subscription is UPS dependent and non-transferable.

Out-of-box cloud connectivity is enabled via the embedded SmartConnect Ethernet Port and direct connection to Schneider Electric cloud services.
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EcoStruxure™ IT SmartConnect for APC™ Smart-UPS

EcoStruxure IT SmartConnect web portal

Runtime, Charge and Load values on Dashboard

Easy UPS Firmware Upgrades


View UPS data at a glance

The Dashboard lets you see power-related information like battery charge, runtime remaining, and connected load. Use the standard email notifications set or build customized email rules to get notified of power events on your site.

Easy firmware upgrades

The web portal has back-end logic to ensure easy firmware upgrades for your Smart-UPS, automatically detecting the correct firmware package for your device. Whenever a higher firmware version is available, you will be notified via the web portal when it is ready for installation.

Bonus battery warranty

Lead-acid UPS devices (SMC, SMT, SMX) registered on the web portal are awarded 1 extra year of warranty for the battery.

Easy Smart-UPS device registration

Each supported UPS device ships with a QR code label to help you sign up for a user account and register your Smart-UPS device. Scanning the QR code automates setup and reduces risk of errors.
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