Water Treatment Plant Architectures

Potable water production for water treatment plants
Published by Schneider Electric


T1, T2 , T3, T4 architecture for water treatment plant

This document describes reference architectures for applications of Water Treatment Plants to produce potable water. It provides recommended components and design for water purification plant architectures.

You will find in this document the most important components in the selection of three layers of EcoStruxureâ„¢ architecture that is deployed in a Water Treatment Plant. The focus here is clearly on our preferred automation architectures networked with some of our best-in-class low-voltage power products and solutions. In the Design chapter, you can also find the description of the control room and functional unit architecture.

Different architectures addressed are :
  • The T1 architecture is dedicated to autonomous and unmanned units that address the needs of small cities (1k to 10k people).
  • The T2 focuses on medium-sized cities (10k and 100k people).
  • The T3/T4 architectures typically target wastewater or drinking water treatment or desalination plants for large cities.
  • Water Treatment Plant Architectures

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