Industry 4.0 Production planning SaaS application
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  • Easy simulation
  • Daily follow-up
  • Data-backed amelioration
  • A dedicated customer support

Easy simulation

You can simulate at every level : machine, production line or plant by playing on the capacity or the load. Visualization is easy thanks to load capacity graph and an intuitive interface. Data collection is automated and can connect with every ERP or MES.

Simply simulate different production scenarios by analyzing the impact of the levers allowing you to act on the load (e.g. subcontracting, postponement of an order) or capacity (e.g. maintenance, leave, training) of your site.

Easy simulation
Simulation at every level
  • Simulation is possible even at the machine level.
Easy visualization
  • You can vizualise instantly your modification on a load-capacity graph.
Automatic data collection
  • Compatible with every ERP or MES, Oplit collects automatically the data, which you can play with.

Daily follow-up

Oplit helps you visualize your production with the estimates vs the planned in order to adapt as soon as possible. Moreover, with a list of events automatically created or manually added, you can easily explain the plant's performance.

Follow in real time the progress of your production plan and the realization of the actions associated with it in order to quickly anticipate problems.

Daily follow-up
Easy visualization of the follow-up
  • Oplit offers a follow-up graph with the production, the estimated production and the planned production.
Easy understanding
  • Macro-events or people events are signaled just under the graph in order to understand quickly the performance of the plant.

Data-backed amelioration

Oplit enables you to compare production lines, machines performance in a graphic way in order to detect quickly what can be improved. Actions can be decided directly in Oplit.

Our solution allows all departments (eg Production, Logistics, Purchasing) to centralize, simulate and visualize in real time the key information and decisions of your industrial site.

Data-backed amelioration
Easy visualization of potential gains
  • Pareto graphs on flexible parameters to compare and learn what can be improved.
Actions ready to be taken
  • With Oplit, you can implement actions and if need be, redispatch them in the dedicated software.

A dedicated customer support

Oplit can be set up in one week. The subscription has no engagement and customer support answers in 10 minutes on average.
A dedicated customer support
1 week implementation
  • Compatible with every ERP or MES, Oplit is set up on average in 1 week.
SaaS subscription
  • Our main modus operandi with the new clients is to let them test 3 months and judge after, so far we have 100% retention.
Very reactive customer support
  • On an average, you reach our customer support inquiries in 10 minutes.
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