Industry 4.0 Production planning SaaS application
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Optimize your production strategy with our planning solution

In production planning, we often define 3 horizons : Scheduling, Load/Capacity Balance and Sales & Operations planning. Current tools for the load/capacity balance are unsuitable because either they lack in flexibility (ERP), or they lack in data prioritization, visualization or data learning (Excel).

Conceived with industrials partners, Oplit brings:
  • Clarity : Easy visualization, daily follow-up achieving consistency with production goals.
  • Efficiency : Automatic data collection, data-backed amelioration.
  • Collaboration : Easy visualization, interactivity, intuitive interface.
  • Make the right decisions by easily managing your load and capacity by Oplit.

  • Simulate and compare production strategies in 1 click.
  • Collaborate on a single platform without having to use Excel.
  • Simply follow the progress of your production plan.
  • Automatically identify improvements.
  • Oplit

    Daily Follow-up


    Data-backed amelioration


    Quick identification of bottlenecks

    Oplit helps you visualize where critical sectors and maximize their utilisation rate. 10% gain of utilisation rate on critical machines for our clients.

    Easy integration with your existing software

    Our solution integrates with existing software and ERP. No more double entry, we automatically retrieve the data necessary to plan your operations.

    Meet goals and understand why

    Oplit helps you compare and follow-up different sectors in order to understand why goals were not meet and set up actions directly. Consistency with objectives improved by 20% for our clients.

    Reactivity improvement

    20% gain on On-time-delivery on average.
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