RealStream Lift Station - User Documentation and Restore Files

Lift Station Control Solution Download
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RealStream Lift Station Documentation and Restore Files

The RealStreamā„¢ Lift Station solution is a fully-configurable lift station controller that enables monitoring and control of lift stations, leveraging Schneider Electric SCADAPackā„¢ E Smart RTU technology.

Supporting the control of up to four pumps, this easy-to-deploy solution allows for the standardization of collection network assets and can help improve visibility and useful life of equipment.

The RealStream Lift Station solution is comprised of a RealStream Lift Station Controller and a Graphic Display Terminal.

This download package, (version 1.03.0) includes user documentation and restore files. Please refer to the Release Notes found on the Docs & Videos tab for further information.

SHA256 Download Checksum document available on Docs & Videos Tab.

RealStream Lift Station - User Documentation and Restore Files


Reduces Cost of Ownership

RealStream Lift Station solution monitors and controls lift station operations to help reduce the cost of ownership for stand-alone lift stations at recreational facilities or complex, geographically-dispersed municipal systems.

Maximizes Asset Life

When paired with smart variable frequency drives that automatically moderate pump speeds, RealStream Lift Station helps to reduce wear on assets including pumps, piping, and check valves.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Controlling variable speed drives or starters with automatic de-ragging built in to the same pump station controller, operators can reduce the required energy and increase station efficiency.

Increases Uptime

Alerts on pumps and system assets help operators to repair problems before possible faults occur. Self-diagnostics with intelligent, multiple operation modes help to reduce unexpected service calls and environmental discharges.

Enables Predictive Maintenance

Understanding the efficiency of each station and the cost of pumping enables performance-based maintenance and optimized capital expenditures at the right time and place.

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