IoT Box

Simplifying Building Management System for small to medium size buildings
Published by Wattsense


Building automation IoT device

A simple and open IoT solution that allows you to control and monitor small and medium-size buildings. Reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort with Wattsense. A large majority of small and medium-sized buildings (less than 5,000 m²) are not equipped with Building Management Systems. These systems control operations in facilities and carry out the management and monitoring of equipment.

The Box is specially designed for energy efficiency, BMS, and the sustainable development of small to medium-size buildings. It can connect all equipment from all buildings: IoT sensors, meters, heating, air conditioning air handling systems, building management systems (BMS). This competitive offer is easy to install, reduces integration costs and inconvenient interventions on busy sites.
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  • A subscription
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    IoT Box

    BMS Console - Configuration Wizard

    Schedule Wizard



    Plug and Play Installation

    • Easy to install solution even on busy sites.
    • Connect and configure any device remotely.
    • Library with more than 500 pre-configured equipment.

    Easy to Configure - No Programming Required

    • Control all your equipment in one platform.
    • Quickly collect and share data.
    • Set up schedules, alarms, and dashboards.

    Open, Flexible and Interoperable Solution

    For all buildings and all use cases particularly midsize buildings, setting up a BMS is complicated. Wattsense is making it easier, faster, and smarter. If the building already has a BMS, the Box connects to the main bus as the third party. If there’s no BMS, a BMS network is directly created by the Box.

    Keep control of your BMS

    Share equipment data with every stakeholder: facility managers, tenants, integrators, etc.
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