Transport and Visibility Management System

Plan, track and optimize all supply chain flows
Published by Everysens


Build Resilient and Efficient Transport Processes

The first Transport & Visibility Management System natively integrating visibility to logistics processes with a full suite of modules:

  • Asset Management - Manage asset lifecycle with digital twin.
  • Fleet Management - Optimize fleet availability to meet transport needs.
  • Transport Execution - Plan and manage transport operations in real time.
  • Route & Network Design - Optimize network leveraging execution data .
  • Transport Procurement - Manage spot tendering and term contracts.
  • Finance & Freight Audit - Manage invoicing and claims.
  • This mix of processes and visibility allows for continuous planning coupled to execution and fleet data, better multi-party collaboration, and automatization of process and reduced human intervention.

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    Transport and Visibility Management System


    Dashboard and Activity Feed

    Transport Schedule

    Slot Booking Module

    Seamless Collaboration

    Real-time transport tracking


    Improve customer service and avoid sales loss

  • Ensure a continuity of service even when incidents occur.
  • Monitor your goods deliveries thanks to real-time ETA. Be alerted in case of delays as soon as possible. Interact with your customers with more accurate information.
  • Reduce the number of unfulfilled orders due to unrealistic planning or on the contrary, increase the number of orders due to a better transport capacity management.
  • Control your logistics budget

  • Reduce costs linked to unforeseen events (exceptional transport, last minute etc).
  • Avoid empty miles and unnecessary travels (saving on fuel for each driver).
  • Maximize fleet availability and asset utilization to either do same with less (fleet reduction) or do more with the same size (transport more goods).
  • Improve productivity and collaboration

  • Make real-time, reliable, comprehensive and granular information available to all.
  • Alerts customized to your business enable you to anticipate hazards and take action to resolve them in real time (your teams will no longer search for information but will focus on resolving or even anticipating incidents in a proactive manner).
  • Considerably reduce the time necessary to build and validate a transport schedule.
  • Digitize and automate some of the most time-consuming transport processes, such as planning, invoicing, consignment notes and waybills.
  • Measure performance and environmental impact of operations

  • Make reporting completely reliable, with data automatically gathered from the field, to empower VP supply chain to make informed optimization decisions.
  • Analyze your performance in a granular way and reach your annual objectives.
  • Identify and assess levers to reduce carbon footprint.
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