EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Fuzzy Control Library

Fuzzy Control Library for Advance Process Control
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Fuzzy Control Library

Fuzzy Logic controllers contain rules engines which process generalised (fuzzy) rules to produce a crisp output.

The output is driven by the rules and performance is managed by the accuracy of the rules.

The rules need to be maintained to deliver optimal control.

The main idea of Fuzzy Logic is the dealing with ambiguous quantities, the elements of which only gradually belong to a set. Instead of just ’membership’ and ’nonmembership’, intermediate stages are also permitted. With the help of Fuzzy Logic, ambiguities of different kinds can thus be mathematically described and handled.

This theory finds its successful application in control engineering as Fuzzy Control.

EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Fuzzy Control Library

Why to use Fuzzy Control Library


Fuzzy Control in Engineering

In control engineering, one or more control variables are produced depending on one or more input variables.

The input variables are fuzzified

The linguistic variables produced are associated with the corresponding operators in accordance with specific rules. Result of the processing of the rules (inference): a ’fuzzy’ output variable, that is to say a variable which is described with its membership degrees through attributes.

Defuzzification of the output variables into a unambiguous number with which an action can then be associated in the control process.

Fuzzy Control Library is developed to simplify the Process Control Engineering with ready to use function blocks

Library based on Key Concepts of Fuzzy Theory

Linguistic Variables and Linguistic Terms
  • Membership Degree
  • Membership Function
  • Fuzzification
  • Rules
  • Operators
  • Weighting of the rules
  • Inference
  • Defuzzification
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