Schneider Electric Technology Partner Program Membership Fee

Validated Master / Certified Technology Partners Only
Published by Schneider Electric
Starts at $1800


Schneider Electric Technology Partner Program Membership Fee

In order to become a member of Schneider Electric TPP, a Company must satisfy the following conditions:
A) The Company must comply with the criteria for membership to Schneider Electric TPP as defined in Exhibit 1 and requirements defined in Exhibit 2.A; and
B) Pay the annual membership fee for the membership status attributed to the Company within the Schneider Electric TPP as per the amount defined in Exhibit 2.A; payment of the annual membership fee shall be made by Company within thirty (30) calendar days from date of SEISAS’ corresponding annual invoice; and
C) Execute this Agreement and abide by its terms and conditions including the 2021 Addendum email note
The Parties having acknowledged that the Company does satisfy with the foregoing conditions, the Company hereby adheres to the Schneider Electric TPP and becomes a member to Schneider Electric TPP, also known as “Technology Partner”.

Technology Partner

Schneider Electric Technology Partner Program Membership Fee


Sell through Schneider Electric go to market

  • Receive invitations to attend Schneider Electric events (internal & external)
  • Receive invitations to showcase during Schneider Electric events
  • Receive invitations to attend Schneider Electric’s partners events
  • Be listed in Exchange market place
  • Get preferential visibility & trust for Exchange services
  • Get access to Exchange services to solve business challenges
  • Be listed as a partner on Schneider Electric web sites
  • Be included in Schneider Electric’s partners communication content and distribution
  • Get leads from Schneider Electric on Exchange
  • Get other specific leads from Schneider Electric
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