AZZO Xpert Data Management Tool

Manage PME database size and improve system performance
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Automate your PME database maintenance

With large EcoStruxureâ„¢ Power Monitoring Expert (PME) installations, database size can impact user experience with slow query responses, slow report generation and complex backup and upgrade procedures.

Large databases are also a leading cause of support calls and service incidents.

With the Xpert Database Management Tool, you can roll up multiple rows of interval data to a single hourly, daily or monthly value, reducing database size while providing an improved user experience. It is also possible to completely remove specific measurements that the user does not need. You can also automate aggregations with a schedule, avoiding costly database maintenance and repair activities.
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AZZO Xpert Data Management Tool


Save time by automating PME database maintenance

Setup a scheduled aggregation that maintains an optimally-sized PME database over the operating life of the system. No more need for manual interventions to repair, trim or otherwise maintain the PME database.

Maintain customer satisfaction

Flexible aggregation by source, measurement and age so that you can preserve the historical profile of the data. Customers get the views they want without any database performance issues slowing them down.

Scale PME up to larger projects

With proper database management in place, you can extend PME to support larger projects with many more devices than is possible without the Database management tool.
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