MQTT Simulation lab for IoT


  • Large scale
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Flexible integration

Large scale

Simulate thousands of Publishers and Subscribers at a fraction of the cost of real devices.

Large scale
Unlimited scale
  • Scale from 25 to 100,000 simulated devices in one lab.
  • Control multiple MIMIC labs from one MIMIC client.

Dynamic simulation

Just like real devices, you can change the behavior of any group of simulated devices at any point in time to do whatever you want. For example, to test anomaly detection, you can make a small subset of your lab behave erratically, become too hot, or send too many messages at once to test DDOS.

Dynamic simulation
Support 9 API languages
  • Control your simulation from Tcl, Perl, Python, Java, C++, Go, Javascript, PHP

Predictable outcomes

Once the scenario is developed, it can be saved for regression testing, training curriculum, sales demos. The simulated scenario will behave the same way each time. If you want non-determinism, that can be simulated too.

Predictable outcomes

Flexible integration

Following public standard interfaces (MQTT, CoAP, REST) allows the simulated lab to interoperate with any IoT platform that supports the standard.

Flexible integration
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