MQTT Simulation lab for IoT


Real-time test lab with thousands of IoT sensors, gateways and devices

Setting up a testing, proof of concept, or training lab for your IoT application is costly and cumbersome. With simulation you can setup your lab at a fraction of the cost and effort.

This is the portal for public SaaS MQTT labs based on MIMIC MQTT Simulator.

Ready IoT labs with many simulated sensors for:

1. IoT Testing: Test your IoT platforms and applications for features, scalability and performance / latency.
2. IoT Training: "Get started" training to shorten the learning curve on various platforms: AWS IoT, Google IoT, Software AG Cumulocity, Losant, TagoIO and more.
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MQTT lab for Eclipse Hono

End-to-end latency test


Agile Development

Custom, dynamic, predictable, scalable telemetry in real-time leads to agile development of IoT application features. Since you can reproduce any scenario at any point in time, your development will progress more quickly.

Thorough Training

Unlimited configurability of the virtual lab allows you to create many relevant scenarios and curricula to thoroughly train operators and end-users. This removes the typical training hurdle for novice users.

Reduced Risk

MIMIC MQTT Lab is specifically designed to mitigate risks associated with deployment of large IoT applications by rapid prototyping of multiple alternatives, and load and feature testing of many scenarios.

Rapid Prototyping

For rapid integration into your platform of choice, we have published demo tests and tutorial videos with many IoT platforms.
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