Clean-In-Place services

Professional services for your CIP operations
Published by Schneider Electric


Walkthrough audit and Advanced services

The migration to fully automated cleaning is critical for today’s food and beverage companies, which continue to face challenges in the optimization of clean-in-place activities.

Clean-in-place solutions help customers optimize their operation sequences, quickly identify any deviations or waste, and confirm that all food safety and regulation requirements are considered by delivering logs, reports, and dashboard accordingly.

Based on Schneider Electric and its partners’ expertise, the Clean-In-Place services are part of the CIP optimization methodology & solution together with the Ecostruxure™ Clean-in-Place Advisor software.

Two types of service is proposed:

  • Walkthrough audit
  • Advanced services
  • Clean-In-Place services


    Continuously verify the 5T rule

  • Time: duration of the cleaning cycles.
  • Turbulence: speed of cleaning products to generate needed turbulence in equipment.
  • Temperature: temperature of the cleaning products.
  • Titer: concentration of the cleaning agents.
  • Turbidity: amount of product traces/suspended solids in the effluent.
  • Robust methodology applied

    Detail assessments are performed through the walkthrough audit on each lines of a CIP station by following robust methodology from symptom to cause of the problem, consequences, corrective actions.

    Savings identified

    The results are presented in a report together with a summary of expected savings and corrective actions to implement per categories (water, thermal energy, wastewater treatment, chemical products …) and for each line of the CIP station.
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