Robotic Packing Solution

Full collaborative robots implementation in production area
Published by Vekas-automation


Cost-effective, versatile, safe collaborative robots (cobots) approach to stacking

Automatic packaging of products into boxes, and stacking boxes on a pallet, using collaborative robots reduces packing time and relieve employees of production departments from monotonous work.

For business owners, introduction of collaborative robots is a significant reduction in operating costs, with average payback period of 195 days, which is a record in food industry.

For manufacturing managers, the appearance of a robot in packaging and palletizing area is an excellent opportunity to free staff from heavy routine work and transfer them to other production units.

Site operators work with ease on how cobots interact with humans with maximum safety. When a person enters the work area of ​​the cobot, it slows down, and when a person touches, it stops, which makes safe to work with.

Robotic packaging and palletizing systems are an indispensable tool in the food industry to quickly shorten operation times and increase productivity.

Robotic Packing Solution

Suction cups for various surfaces

Strict definition of work areas


Simple programming

The patented technology allows operators without programming skills to quickly set up and operate cobots using intuitive 3D visualization technology. Simply move the pointing device to the desired position or use the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet.

Quick setup

Revolutionary cobot tuning technology has reduced deployment times from weeks to hours. Setting up the equipment takes an average of half a day. The operator doing the initial start-up of the cobot typically takes less than an hour to unpack, assemble, and program the first simple operation.

Placement flexibility

Cobots are lightweight and compact. In addition, they are easy to integrate into other production areas, for this you do not need to make changes to the general technological scheme of the enterprise. You can easily and quickly move a cobot from one area to another.

Working safely with people

If manual labor cannot be completely eliminated, 80% of the total number of Universal Robots are operated worldwide without safety guards near the operator's workstations. Robot safety systems are approved and certified by TÜV - the German Technical Inspection Union.

Reducing the influence of human factor

Robots don't make mistakes or get sick, they don't need breaks, they can work 24/7, a collaborative robot is the perfect worker.
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