Accutech Manager

Configuration, Diagnostics & Network Management Software
Published by Schneider Electric


Advanced field unit configuration interface

Accutech Manager is the configuration and diagnostics software that helps in installation and troubleshooting of Accutech base radios.

Remotely configure, troubleshoot and track performance of deployed wireless field units. Manage the Accutech device network and collect timestamped data remotely without disturbing the process.

Accutech Manager is an advanced field unit configuration interface that provides enhanced system diagnostics. Its a powerful network management tool for client/server architecture and supports over-the-air firmware upgrades. It allows field unit to base radio communication authentication.

Accutech Manager


Low cost of deployment and operations

  • No wires, trenching or conduit required
  • Limited maintenance required

Easy to install and use

  • Fully integrated power, communications and instrumentation
  • Provides a simply trending utility for trouble shooting and quick process observation.
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