Plant iT

Modular software platform for plant automation and MES solutions
Published by ProLeiT GmbH


Cutting-edge process control technology. Including MES.

Plant iT is an integrated and modular software platform, consisting of base systems, modules and add-ons which can be combined flexibly. The base systems as well as the modules and add-ons, are seamlessly integrated, with a central user interface across the system.

All basic Plant iT systems have a central engineering environment with a shared database and an integrated parameterisation interface. All the modules can be optionally combined with the basic systems, ensuring that the appropriate Plant iT system can be implemented to form an industry 4.0 smart factory.

Plant iT is an object-oriented and PLC-based process control system with integrated manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality developed by ProLeiT GmbH. It can be used in combination with PLCs from various manufacturers and is available in five language versions. Thats why automation solutions based on Plant iT and brewmaxx are used in more than 110 countries around the globe.

Since the merger of ProLeiT and Schneider Electric in August 2020, Plant iT has been complementing the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure system architecture. Therefore, Plant iT now additionally supports the deployment of the Modicon M580 ePac.

Plant iT is easy to develop and implement, easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to extend - without data loss. Fast in development and implementation.

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Plant iT

Integrated solution concept

Five pillars of success at ProLeiT

Plant iT works on Modicon PLCs

Plant iT System range


Automate your production plant

Plant iT offers the most uncomplicated and easiest way to automate your production plant.

Stay competitive with high-quality automation software

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to automate your plant in order to stay competitive. With Plant iT, you'll receive high quality software only.

Flexible application of the Plant iT components

Any Plant iT components can be added easily according to your needs.

Central user interface

New operators become familiarized with procedures in a minimum amount of time, high level of user acceptance; simplifies change management.

Standard operating system and database software

Plant iT and brewmaxx are exclusively based on Microsoft operating systems (Windows) and databases (SQL). This provides flexibility and transparency; investment protection; detailed visualization of the application for the user.

Time and cost savings

Engineering independent system; the integrated application enables, amongst other things, the creation and version management of individual graphic objects and templates.
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