AZZO Xpert Reports

Better productivity, interop & analytics for EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert
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Impactful data analytics, interoperability and productivity tools

When commissioning PME, you can often spend too much time configuring interop and energy analysis reports. It can also be time consuming to discover configuration setting in PME when responding to a support incident. Lastly, sometimes customers ask for specific energy analysis views that PME doesn't provide out-of-the-box. AZZO Xpert Reports help with these challenges.

AZZO Xpert Reports is a set of analytics reports that helps you process large amounts of PME data efficiently. Whether you need to create project handoff documents that summarize a large site configuration, show customers a richer view of their energy usage or prepare data to be exported to 3rd-party systems.

Technology Partner

AZZO Xpert Reports


Integrate PME into other business processes

On-demand trigger or scheduled export of aggregated data from PME to 3rd-party platforms. In some reports, automated data quality routines ensure no missing data.

Better insights into energy usage

  • Report on unmonitored energy flows, errors in utility bills and losses due to heat or theft
  • Confirm energy summation & virtual metering configurations are working properly
  • Reduce ongoing support costs

    Generate reports that capture site configuration detail after commissioning is complete. Use them for project turnover or consult them when working on a support incident
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