Connected HVAC solution

Commercial HVAC control system by zone, anywhere and anytime
Published by Schneider Electric


A commercial HVAC solution to address HVAC operations needs

The connected HVAC system helps you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers by enabling remote monitoring and control of commercial HVAC equipment. This highly efficient hvac automation controls solution combine the connected SE8000 room controller and the EcoStruxure Facility Expert cloud-based platform to improve in-store comfort and air quality. This commercial HVAC system also supports

• Money-saving proactive maintenance

• Provides store managers the ability to control setpoints and facility schedules

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Connected HVAC solution

Setpoint control on smartphone

HVAC unit schematic

Schedule management


Ensure comfort remotely

  • Access visualizations and trends of air quality parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels) across all store areas right from your office
  • Modify setpoints or heating/cooling mode from your smartphone to meet occupant needs
  • Comply easily with comfort and air quality recommendations (ASHRAE180 standard)

Increase operational efficiency

  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the field by controlling connected room controllers remotely (setpoints, operations sequences, unit mode)
  • Be alerted in case of issue and diagnose from anywhere with remote access to HVAC machine parameters along with the maintenance logbook
  • Share information with contractors, follow up on maintenance progress and anticipate seasonal workload peaks
  • Manage schedules for all your facilities

Improve Energy efficiency

  • Preserve and extend equipment efficiency with proactive preventative maintenance
  • Avoid wasteful off-hours energy consumption with programmable scheduling

Harmonize with your brand image

  • User-friendly SE8000 interface with Custom-color display including branded logo and message
  • Customized color casing to coordinate with interior décor
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