EcoStruxure™ Autonomous Production Advisor

Enable Machine Learning at the Industrial Edge
Published by Schneider Electric


Capture and automate domain expertise and deploy it at the Edge

Through Machine Learning, capture the expertise of your most experienced operators, automate it and deploy it at the Industrial Edge with the APA Platform, Gateway 101 and range of applications built for various industry verticals. EcoStruxure™ Autonomous Production Advisor (APA) Platform.


Eliminate latency, bandwidth and connectivity constrains by running artificial intelligence workloads right by your critical assets. Choose from Schneider Electric developed applications, from our partners or build your own. Implement expert workflows for full autonomous operation or interact remotely with your assets.

EcoStruxure™ Autonomous Production Advisor



Open hardware and operating system platform.


End-to-end cybersecurity enabled.


Seamlessly manage fleet of devices across your industrial network.


User interface suited to each application.
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