Smart City Management

Cost-effective waste management controlling tool
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Smart and digitized waste management software & equipment

The annual global volume of MSW will increase by 70% by 2050, but the cities which account for more than 80% of world GDP, mainly still don't have adequate urban waste management systems.


Smart Waste Management is a part of modern initiatives, related to MSW treatment, reduction of landfill waste share, implementation of waste recycling systems, all supported by waste management data collection and efficiency monitoring. Waste management monitoring provides a dedicated service that allows you to remotely monitor all installed equipment parameters in real time, conduct smart waste management collection analytics, manage staff work and transport collection routes.


Binology provides a modern-day cost-effective solution – Smart City product range, based on WM controlling software and mobile app, automatic solar bin containers, urban waste separation stations and fill-level sensors, which improve the efficiency of waste collection and msw management.

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Smart City Management

Mobile App interface with filled waste bins to collect

Mobile App reporting tool

Separate tracking for street waste separation stations

Web dashboard with filters and each unit status real time data

Hints and status updates in Web app

Global map web interface

Filters and reporting tool


Up to 75% costs reduction on waste management processes

Our solar Smart City Bins with ultrasonic sensor WSens controlled by Smart City Management cloud software was designed to bring the urban waste management on the next level of efficiency. Press the trash down in our solar containers, measure the filling level in any conventional bin with WSens and build optimal collection routes for waste trucks in Smart City Management tool with team management, data collection and reporting feature.

Up to 80% reduction of the collection frequency

Smart sensor system will notify about trash containers current fullness level, which allows reducing collection frequency, save workers time and fuel. No need to pick up half-empty containers on the heavy traffic routes. Plan your collection with Binology and build dynamic collection routes for your staff.

Up to 90% saved recyclables share from MSW in high foot traffic areas

Help us to save valuable recyclable materials in high foot traffic areas and public spaces. Clean and quality resources should not be dumped with harm to the nature, therefore Binology designed Smart City Separation Station to separate the waste just on the streets, make the collection safe and simple. The fill-level indication in Binology software is also divided by the collected waste type.

Up to 80% savings on service, cleaning and maintenance

Optimize waste collection tasks and receive real-time data from IoT hardware. This smart approach improves sanitary conditions and saves service & cleaning time. Smart City Bins from Binology are fully automatic using eco-friendly solar energy. The integrated press allows storing 8 times more waste inside the 120L interior bin. Your staff can simply check the mobile app or LED indicator on the bin to keep it cleaned right on time.

Up to 80% CO2 emissions and fuel savings

Avoid heavy traffic with smart planning and dynamic routing features! Heavy specialized vehicles produce huge amount of CO2 by consuming valuable fuel. Plan your collection routes wisely and help to reduce CO2 footprint with each collection trip.

Up to 70% staff efficient work time release

It is easy to use Binology Smart City equipment not only for citizens, but also for your staff members. Release your workers time by integrating modern day notification and reporting software for waste collection and control. Simplify the removal and storage of the collected waste with our smart containers.
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