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Product labeling for Serialization, traceability, identification and aggregation
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  • Vekas Track & Trace system solution
  • Implementation phase
  • Software solution
  • Hardware equipment
  • Quality control

Vekas Track & Trace system solution

Vekas-automation has developed a unique hardware-technical solution in the field of Track & Trace systems. We offer a turnkey IT-compound that integrates seamlessly into existing technological production and integrates with installed programs of varying complexity, fully compliant with GS1 standards.

The international standards organization EPC global under GS1 has ratified the EPC network standards (esp. the EPC information services EPCIS standard) which codify the syntax and semantics for supply chain events and the secure method for selectively sharing supply chain events with trading partners. These standards for Tracking and Tracing have been used in successful deployments in many industries and there are now a wide range of products that are certified as being compatible with these standards.
In response to a growing number of recall incidents (food, pharmaceutical, toys, etc.), Radio-frequency identification and barcodes are two common technology methods used to deliver traceability.

Barcoding is a common and cost-effective method used to implement traceability at both the item and case-level. Variable data in a barcode or a numeric or alphanumeric code format can be applied to the packaging or label. The secure data can be used as a pointer to traceability information and can also correlate with production data such as time to market and product quality.

Vekas Track & Trace system solution

Implementation phase

Below we present the standard steps by which a project is discussed.
1. Primary contact
  • After you contact us, we will call you or send you a welcome letter.
  • We will also send a "questionnaire" with standard questions that will help us better understand the current situation in production.
2. Price estimate
  • This is the initial "estimate" of how much it will cost and discussion of the choice of equipment that will be used in the project.
3. Technical audit
  • After the dialogue about the main elements of the project, the visit of the specialists of the company "VEKAS" to the enterprise and discussion with the customer of the details of the installation of the system.
4. –°ontract signing
  • Sign off of agreement
Implementation phase
5. System production
  • Ordering the required system components from international vendors, writing control algorithms, creating design and working documentation.
6. Delivery
  • Delivery of equipment by VEKAS specialists to the place of installation to the customer.
7. Putting the system into operation
  • Installation, testing of the system. Putting the system into operation. Vekas specialists come to the customer's site to complete the final work.
8. Training
  • Training of personnel working with the system
9. Technical support
  • After the expiration of the warranty period, the company can sign a service contract for further technical support of the system by Vekas-automation.

Software solution

Vekas-automation has developed its own software application that allows you to perform all track & trace operations of the system using API protocols. This software solution is used for continuous management of manufacturing facilities, product lines, case, and bundle tracking, and warehousing, and shipping.This system plays an important role in the production and supply chain to ensure product quality and authenticity. Moreover, software gratefully works with different coding technologies such as laser marking systems, large character marking (LCM), and thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) is expected to fuel the market for track and trace hardware systems in the coming years.

Manufacturers are facing numerous challenges due to growing complexity and diversity in serialization requirements, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. Variations in standards and regulations across countries, as well as the management of aggregated complex data, makes it difficult for manufacturers to implement serialization in track and trace. However, the increasing rate of counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products drives the adoption of serialization in the supply chain.

Software solution

Hardware equipment

To implement the Track and trace project, we can use various equipment as the software is not rigidly tied to specific hardware. We have recommendations and specifications for the equipment, but we are ready to work out the option of using the equipment you have. In this case, consultation with a technician is required.
The main elements of the system are: printing / labeling equipment, our software system (VEKAS TRACK & TRACE SYSTEM), the customer's business system for subsequent analysis and transmission (ERP).

Hardware equipment
Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • The task of controlling the technological process at the production site is implemented by equipment of the companies: Schneider Electric, Omron, Siemens, Rockwell, etc.
Machine vision system
  • Reading, processing, serialization, identification tasks are performed by the equipment of companies: Data Logic, Omron, Cognex, Zick, etc.
  • Information can be applied to a single product with labels or directly on the surface of the product. For this we use equipment by VideoJet, Markem Image, etc.

Quality control

Track and Trace software automates process has become a modern necessity for manufacturers as industry faces increasing economic and regulatory challenges.
Quality control
  • VEKAS Track & Trace systems provide more than just aggregate registration and continuous tracking of products. During the production and packaging phases, quality control can be carried out simultaneously with traceability in accordance with standards. On the high-throughput production line, optical inspection of edges, surfaces and dimensions, as well as detection of packaging defects, is additionally performed.
Quality control
Automatic serialization
  • The Track & Trace tracking solution allows you to simultaneously stamp mandatory data such as item number, batch number and expiration date in plain text and barcode. After assignment and application of data, the Track & Trace tracking system checks them not only for completeness, but also for correctness. This mandatory data is stored in memory so that products with defective barcodes can be recognized and rejected.
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