VEKAS Automation for Russia - System for Track & Trace

Product labeling for Serialization, traceability, identification and aggregation
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Labeling is a simple and reliable way to control goods

Track & Trace systems provide complete transparency of product movement for all participants in the “producer-distributor-consumer” chain by assigning a unique DataMatrix code to each product unit.

For a manufacturer, the introduction of the T&T system means protecting its brand from falsification and counterfeiting, and also helps to gain greater consumer confidence and simplifies the procedure for recalling products from chains.

For a distributor, an important factor in choosing a supplier is the manufacturer's willingness to integrate into complex logistics and distribution networks. And also, the system simplifies the procedure for monitoring the expiration date of the product, which guarantees the sale of only fresh products.

It is very important for the consumer to know that he is buying an authentic product and the manufacturer is completely open to the consumer and tries to provide him with complete information about the product.

VEKAS Automation for Russia - System for Track & Trace

Part of Industry 4.0

You choose the level of traceability


Brand protection from falsification and counterfeiting

The implementation of this system makes it possible to reliably identify each product unit, thereby providing a guarantee of its authenticity.

Product aggregation

Each product unit is assigned a unique DataMatrix code, for the convenience of shipment and acceptance of a large number of products, aggregation is provided, which attaches each product code to the box code, and the box code to the pallet code.

Consumer confidence

The consumer, having scanned the DataMatrix code, can verify the authenticity of the product, find out the shelf life of the product, its composition, as well as any information that the manufacturer wants to enter.

For Russia

Certain types of products manufactured in Russia and exported to it are subject to mandatory labeling. This system ensures connection to the Honest Sign system and the implementation of order of the Government of Russian Federation.
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