HVAC controls optimization software
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Cloud-based service for providing optimized performance for HVAC systems

ADA is a powerful optimization software that will optimize the control settings of your HVAC system. ADA deploys advanced algorithms and Machine Learning to find the optimal settings in order to reach a desired air quality at the lowest possible energy consumption.

ADA is an add-on service that lowers the energy consumption of HVAC systems without compromising the air quality. The service is integrated with existing equipment and via sensors, ADA measures indoor and outdoor air quality and how it changes.

Based on the customers requirement on indoor air quality and comfort, optimal set points are calculated to cope with the current load and adapts to the change in the load. Automatically and continuously in real time ADA feeds the original control with the most economical solution for achieving specified air quality levels, no matter what the existing conditions are.



Energy efficiency

ADA goes through approximately 2500 calculations/minute to find the most energy efficient set points over time to reach desired air quality and comfort levels. Our customer cases show savings between 40-60% in ventilation systems, and a substantial impact on the complete buildings performance.

Air quality

The customer is in control of air quality, where they can define desired air quality levels in the building based on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, accepted levels of harmful gases and particles. The solution can be customized, so it only comprises measurements relevant for each property.

Less adjustments

As ADA works automatically, looking for a unique operational point in every given minute, there is no need for a detailed adjustment of the HVAC controls from facility management etc. This means more time can be spent on other value creating tasks.

Easy and scalable

The algorithms behind ADA works in any type of building and underlying system, and integration is standardized and there is only need of a configuration for each system. This means by implementing ADA to a central BMS, several units can be optimized in a swift way.
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