AZZO Xpert Sustainability KPI Reports

Track KPIs for production vs. water, gas & electricity
Published by AZZO


  • Production KPI Report
  • KPI by TOU Report

Production KPI Report

The Production KPI Report tracks production KPI’s against water, gas & electricity.
  • Summarize KPI metrics against calculated targets on a single page
  • Breakdown & summarize each usage type and plot the usage vs production and calculated KPI
  • Calculate % deviation from targets
  • Create variable targets based on custom formulas entered directly into report parameters
  • Optional fields for entering additional site & cause notes
  • Multiple aggregation options – Day, Week, Month, Year
  • Notification by email when KPI targets are exceeded or missed
  • Production KPI Report

    KPI by TOU Report

    The ‘KPI by TOU Report’, combines energy usage visualizations, TOU, scaling by another Source Measurement pair and optionally notify on target value exceptions.
    The report's main features are:
  • Scale input Sources by another Source and Measurement pair
  • Calculates upper and lower target lines based on standard deviation calculations
  • Define upper and lower static target values
  • Send an email notification if any target values (static or calculated) are exceeded in any of the defined periods
  • Optionally log native PME Alarms based on target exceptions
  • Optionally notify only on the last aggregated period
  • Optionally exclude any values that could not be scaled resulting in only period of scaled data
  • Scaling is optional so that the notification features can also be used on unscaled data
  • Include per-source links to external content in exception emails
  • Optionally hide charts without target exceptions
  • KPI by TOU Report
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