EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Documentation

Control program maintenance, impact analysis, code debugging, code review, or audit
Published by Schneider Electric
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Reverse-engineering tool allowing you to generate information from an existing PLC source code.
Understand your program structure
  • Thanks to a clear view of the control and data flows of your application, you can understand its architecture during the whole life-cycle of your projects.
Support testing and debugging
  • EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Documentation helps to choose non-regression tests to run and to pinpoint the root causes of software bugs.
Automatic generation
  • EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Documentation is intuitive and very easy to use thanks to the step-by-step wizard feature. Just follow the wizard, and you will have your automatic generated documentation result very quickly.
Control flow
  • Visualise your application by procedure. This shows you the structure of your application and the calls between procedures.
Data flow
  • Visualise your application by variable. This allows you to see the relationships from input to output or output to input.
Dynamic navigation
  • You can navigate around your code by expanding and collapsing nodes thus exploring dependencies between variables and the structure of your application.

Supported PLCs

40 languages for 11 brands and 20 PLC models currently supported by EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Documentation.
Supported PLCs
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