SEE Electrical Building+

Electrical CAD software for architecture design and electrical installations
Published by IGE+XAO


Create electrical plans with our industrial design software!

SEE Electrical Building + is the electrical CAD software dedicated for electricians and small & medium construction companies to provide the solution for design of buildings and its electrical installations . It is the ideal software for electricians looking to create professional drawings according to international standards, and deliver reliable, and high-quality architecture plans.


SEE Electrical Building + offers all the advantages of a modern tool:


• Very easy interface to construct electrical installation drawings

• Installation drawings & single-line diagrams under the same interface

• Possibility for 2D panel layout (with additional Cabinet Layout module) SEE Electrical is available in two levels - Basic and Standard.


Each level offers several possibilities at a different price, so you can choose the best solution that fits your Electrical installation needs and budget.

Please note that this package is not sold and supported in USA and Canada.
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SEE Electrical Building+


All-in-one package

With SEE Electrical Building+, you will not need multiple software packages. You can draw your installation plans as well as automatically generate your single-line diagrams.

Save time

All features and controls of SEE Electrical Building + are easy to use and have been designed to facilitate electrical design.


SEE Electrical Building+ intuitive interface means that you can be productive very quickly, with minimal training. This package also comes with a tutorial for easy learning. Creating electrical wiring diagrams has never been so simple!

Easy integration

Like any Windows application, SEE Electrical Building + can be easily integrated into an existing Windows environment.

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