SEE Electrical

Electrical CAD software for 2D and 3D electrical design
Published by IGE+XAO


Create electrical schematics with SEE Electrical in just a few clicks!

SEE Electrical is a computer-aided design (CAD) software designed to facilitate electrical engineering and electrical installation design. It is an electrical design software that creates 2D and 3D model electrical designs. Its intuitive interface allows users to produce drawings very quickly, with minimal training. With SEE Electrical, you also get


• IEEE/IEC component and symbol libraries
• Automatic numbering for components, terminals, cables and wires
• Auto orientation and real time symbol numbering
• Real-time cross referencing


SEE Electrical is available in three levels - Basic, Basic25 and Standard. Each level offers several possibilities at a different price, so you can choose the best solution that fits your Electrical CAD needs and budget.


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SEE Electrical

SEE Electrical V8R2


Time saving

All features and controls of SEE Electrical - Electrical CAD software are easy to use and have been designed to facilitate electrical design.


SEE Electrical intuitive interface means that you can be productive very quickly, with minimal training. Creating wiring diagrams has never been so simple!

Easy integration

Like any Windows application, SEE Electrical can be easily integrated into an existing Windows environment.
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