EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link

Design tool for seamless integration of control and supervisory systems
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Asset creation
  • Asset binding
  • Asset Meta Data
  • Maintain consistency
  • Patterns
  • Pattern libraries
  • Pattern Management
  • Support templates with Object Wizard
  • Flexibility to select Area templates
  • SCADAPack RTU Support

Asset creation

EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link recognizes an asset based on the function blocks and variables used within the controller. Once recognized, it generates a matching asset using the defined template within the AVEVA System Platform galaxy.
Asset creation
  • Projects require only a single motor or valve control module but may require many variations for specific applications within the project. Asset Link recognizes assets by a core set of (required) controller assets. It generate rules for any optional elements which are included only when the elements exist within the controller. When the template is created in AVEVA System Platform the attributes associated to the assets which exist in the controller are configured and the other are left blank.
  • Asset Link rules can be customized so that the existence of controller blocks or variables can enable or disable attributes within the AVEVA System Platform object. Within the General Purpose Library this allows the object to remove attributes and reduce the processing required for simple assets.
  • Asset Link uses the description of the Asset within the controller as the description of the asset within AVEVA System Platform.

Asset binding

EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link detects IO variables which are read from the controller and binds each instance of the asset to the variables available within the controller.
  • Asset Link recognizes and configures the variable addresses when using OPC-DA, OPC-UA and OPC UA Embedded (in rack OPC UA Server modules). The engineer selects the required protocol and all addresses are formatted as required.
  • For SCADAPack RTU's, DNP3 Communication protocol is supported for auto-binding of attributes and establishing communication between RTU's and AVEVA System Platform assets
Asset binding

Asset Meta Data

EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link uses the Meta Data associated to variables and function blocks within the controller. This information, which is specific to each instance of an asset, does not change dynamically at runtime. The data adds value to the user interface by providing more detail as to the state of the controller logic. Using controller configuration within the supervision improves the quality of the documentation of the controller logic.
Asset Meta Data
  • Each input pin for a function block can contain a description of the data which is being connected. In applications like failure conditions and interlocks this can provide detail to the operator on the cause of conditions which are impacting operation. By replicating this data Asset Link ensures comments are available within the controller as well as providing additional insight to the operator
Initial values
  • Many parameters are used both in the controller and supervision (analog scaling). When variables are required in both Asset Link enables the data to be synchronized so a single value change is required to change the value across the control system.

Maintain consistency

EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link monitors changes for changes in the source input file and enables user to update the same to generated assets. Asset Link identifies if there are any conflicts (name and type) between Assets and enables user to resolve them using resolve conflict dialog.
Maintain consistency
Monitor functionality
  • User can enable / disable monitor capabilities on Asset Link template. Once enabled, based on the time interval set by user, Asset Link template will monitor for the changes in the control project input file and indicate user on detecting a new version
Resolve conflicts
  • EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link identifies conflicting assets (conflicts in name or type) and tag them as "To be resolved". Resolve conflict dialog, enables user to resolve.


EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link does not require expertise beyond that required to configure the controller and supervision system for any automation project.
Sample asset
  • Asset Link generates patterns based on an example of an asset. A pump in the controller and in supervision configured with the maximum capabilities of a pump provides all the information required. Asset Link recognizes when data from the controller is re-used for supervision and generates the rules.
Required elements
  • The engineer must select the required elements of the asset when generating a pattern to allow the same pattern to be used with multiple variations of similar assets.
Custom rules
  • Patterns can support custom rules by editing the XML files. User rules are identified within the pattern and are not impacted when rules are re-evaluated to update the pattern. Custom rules are typically used to set digital data within the template which can not be automatically recognised.
  • Each controller within the automation system can be linked to a common set of patterns or its own patterns. This allows projects to support multiple sets of standards in different areas of the process.

Pattern libraries

Schneider Electric provides pattern libraries based on General Process Library (GPL)
Pattern libraries
AVEVA System Platform (InTouch / OMI)
  • Schneider Electric supports patterns which link the General Process Library controller variables with AVEVA System Platform InTouch / OMI libraries for supervision.
AVEVA System Platform (OMI)
  • Schneider Electric supports patterns which link the General Process Library controller variables with System Platform OMI libraries for supervision

Pattern Management

Pattern are Key component of Asset Link for defining smart conditions for creating assets in more flexible and consistent with Control Code.

User now has the capability to Manage Pattern within the User Interface of AVEVA System Platform

Smart definition (edit and refine) of Patterns can now be achieved using in-line editor without any need of XML Coding knowledge.

Duplicate and Delete existing Patterns

Pattern Management

Support templates with Object Wizard

AVEVA System Platform enables users to define templates using “object wizard” for enabling and configuring Attributes.

Asset Link supports AVEVA System Platform templates created using AOT (Automation Object Toolkit) or Object wizard.

Support templates with Object Wizard

Flexibility to select Area templates

Area templates enables user to pre-define conditions to add intelligence to assets under the area instances.

This release of asset link enable user to select the Area templates during configuration.

Flexibility to select Area templates

SCADAPack RTU Support

With EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Asset Link, User can create Assets in AVEVA System Platform based on Control Logic configured using "RemoteConnect" for SCADAPack RTU's x74 / x75
SCADAPack RTU Support
Telemetry Server Configuration
  • Telemetry Server configuration / IO tags are created using "Dynamic Data Reference" capability. On Deploy of Assets (created using Asset Link) in AVEVA System Platform, the Telemetry Server Configuration (IO Points with right level of bindings and attributes) are automatically created.
Refine Asset Hierarchy
  • By default, each Asset is linked with the "Hierarchy" based on the OutStation Full name, however user can reconfigure the Hierarchy for each (or group of assets) before generation, to reposition them appropriately in Telemetry Server.
DNP3 Communication Protocol
  • Assets generated using Asset Link are automatically bind with address based on DNP3 Communication Protocol to establish communication between SCADAPack RTU and AVEVA System Platform.
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