Leakage Detection System for EcoStruxure™ OGP

Leakage Detection Solution for Oil & Gas pipeline monitoring
Published by Prisma Photonics


PrismaFlow™ - Next generation fiber sensing for Oil & Gas pipeline monitoring

Schneider Electric joins forces with Prisma Photonics to present a comprehensive solution of leak detection and 3rd party intrusion for oil & gas pipelines. Combining Schneider Electric’s field-proven integrated Pipeline solutions, AVEVA pipeline management solutions together with Prisma’s Hyper-Scan next-generation fiber sensing technology enables the customer to manage pipeline integrity and detect any leak at a very early stage before a catastrophe happens. Operational continuity and efficiency is achieved by using the two complementary strategies of AVEVA and Prisma Photonics leak detection that results in driving false alarm rate to near zero.

PrismaFlow™ revolutionizes leakage detection and prevents accidental, criminal and malicious activity, flagging for classification a range of events – including precise leakage detection, and third-party intrusion. PrismaFlow™ is designed to detect the smallest leak sizes, with extremely low false alarm rate and at most robust conditions

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Leakage Detection System for EcoStruxure™ OGP


The Next Generation Fiber Sensing Solution

Prisma offers a novel solution with a long reach, unprecedented SNR, excellent classification, and reduced false alarm rates. By analysis of the Rayleigh backscatter from each and every location along the pipeline via the pre-deployed fiber optics cable, PrismaFlow™ gives a real-time map of events along with the infrastructure.

Unprecedented SNR

PrismaFlow™ incorporates the award-winning HyperScan™ technology to obtain an unmatched Signal to Noise Ratio of the acoustic signal. This is used to differentiate between different target types and alert the user of target types of interest. It is extremely important when there are many strong background noise (as often the case when pipeline cross different terrains).


The proprietary classification algorithms use rich data to learn and distinguish between different event types. The system can be configured to alert the user for different types of events, thus reducing unwanted nuisance alarms.

Any cable

With the help of advanced technologies, PrismaFlow™ does not require specialty fiber, and it is possible to install the system using an already deployed optical communication cable.

Reduced FAR

By packing together the HyperScan™ technology, novel detection methods, and PrismaAI Smart-Classification™ we are able to reach a breakthrough in false alarm rate and achieve the lowest false alarm rate (FAR) on the market.

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Schneider Electric Certification
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