Machine Solutions Service for PacDrive 3 - VIRTUAL

Resolve diagnostic situations on machines with PacDrive 3
Published by Schneider Electric
Starts at $1225


  • Course Content
  • What's a Virtual Instructor-Led Training?
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Duration

Course Content

Part based on Tools: Diagnostic, ControllerAssistant
  • Intro Hardware

  • Tools (& safe connection)
  • Controller Assistant
  • Diagnostics
  • Communication settings

  • Practice on a given Project (Toploader)
  • Mapping of Parameter
  • Provoking errors by switches and evaluating them by help of Diagnostic tool

  • Part based on Tools: MachineExpert
  • Position control & Motion

  • Practice Toploader
  • Traces from Motion and Diagnosis situations
  • What's a Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

    • Scheduled sessions, in local time zones, with a virtual expert-level instructor, a moderator for technical support, and smaller group of participants
    • Content on specific, on-the-job tasks and product application
    • Remote labs for practice


    • Programming knowledge recommended

    • Machines control basics recommended

    Course Duration

    • Course Duration: 7.5 hours - Virtual instructor-led training
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