EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert: Logic - VIRTUAL

Training on basics to start working with EcoStruxure Machine Expert and M262
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Course Content
  • What's a Virtual Instructor-Led Training?
  • Course Duration
  • Prerequisites

Course Content

  • M262 Controller Overview

  • Accessing System:
  • Controller Assistant (Firmware update, manage images).
  • Device Management:

  • Application Management:
  • Active Application, Online Change, Source Download/Upload
  • Tasks Management (Supported Tasks & Configuration)

  • Basic Programming:
  • Supported Data Types, Variable Type and Logic Editors
  • Custom Function, Function Block, Library and Visualization
  • Integration of an HMI (Vijeo Designer configuration and data exchange)

  • Maintain application:
  • Debugging Tools (Messages Window, Watch Lists, Breakpoints, Trace)
  • Web Server (Secure and Unsecured Connection)
  • Data logging and Web visualization

  • Security And Access Rights:
  • Users & Groups – Access Rights
  • Project Settings – Users & Groups and Permissions
  • Project Protection – Password and Certificate Protection
  • What's a Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

    • Scheduled sessions, in local time zones, with a virtual expert-level instructor, a moderator for technical support, and smaller group of participants
    • Content on specific, on-the-job tasks and product application
    • Remote labs for practice

    Course Duration

    • Course Duration: 16 hours - Virtual instructor-led training


    • Programming knowledge recommended

    • Machines control basics recommended

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