Reference Architectures for Gold Mining

Reference architecture for applications in the mining segments
Published by Schneider Electric


An example of how Schneider Electric and third-party components may be integrated to fulfill an industrial application

This document specifically addresses EcoStruxure™ Plant architectures for Gold Mining, which is part of the EcoStruxure™ Plant series, which facilitates the management of different automation profiles to match the different requirements of mining industry sub-segments.

Mining process operations are becoming more complex. The decline of mineral grades, strict regulations, and the current economic landscape require mining companies to optimize their operations and processes. The mining industry needs new, intelligent, and easy-to-use process-control and optimization tools. Schneider Electric process-control solutions can be simply and seamlessly integrated into automated processes for mining and mineral operations. 

This document proposes a flexible automation architecture that meets the requirements to operate the latest process technologies in harsh environments. In addition to this document, Schneider Electric has developed specific recommendations for Mine Power Systems.

Reference Architectures for Gold Mining


Energy savings

The document describe a solution which optimizes energy consumption by maintaining all system pumps at their “best efficiency point."

Condition-based maintenance

Asset health monitored in real time providing early warnings and potential impening failures and actionable alerts with recommended corrective actions.

Increase operational profitability

From the early engineering design through the meeting of the demands of modern municipalities.

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