Safety Absolute Encoder for EcoStruxure™

Absolute rotary encoder for Ethernet/IP CIP safety
Published by TR-Electronic GmbH


  • Hardware and software details
  • Functional safety
  • Mechanical variety
  • Specifications

Hardware and software details

    -“Two encoders in One”– architecture on two channels according to ISO 13849-1, category 4 is available.
    - Maintenance-free embedded hardware platform, configurable and updatable embedded software solution is an add-on.
    - Additional encoder interfaces for loopback control is also available upon request.
Hardware and software details

Functional safety

    - DIN EN 62061, 61508.
    - CD_582 + FS are developed and certified according to the two leading standards for devices providing integrated safety. Most application standards refer to these basic standards and thus CD_582+FS fits into these applications.
    - Functional safety from shaft to interface is an add-on.
    - Mechanical indexed connections from interface to customer application up to the multiturn detection is provided. Possible errors due to friction connections are avoided. Supported safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2.
Absolute Encoder safety standards
  • SLP (safely-limited position)
  • SDI (safe direction)
  • SCA (safe cam)
  • SS1 (safe stop 1)
  • SS2 (safe stop 2)
  • SOS (safe operating stop)
  • SLS (safely-limited speed)
  • SSR (safe speed range)
  • SSM (safe speed monitor)

Mechanical variety

Made by one of the pioneers in absolute rotary encoders, CD_582-EIP takes benefit from a flexible product structure and big experience in fulfilling customer’s needs.
Mechanical variety
Compact installation space:
  • Do not let cabling interfere with other parts and components. For solid and slip-on shafts (blind shaft), you can choose between connectors axial or radial.
Range of shafts:
  • Solid shaft 10, 12. 14 mm with keyway
  • Blind shaft 10, 12, 14, 15 mm with partial keyway
  • Hollow through shaft, 10, 12,14,15 mm with partial keyway


CIP Safety:
CD_582 + FS EIP complies with the current CIP safety standard version 2.20 and thus it fits seamlessly into the latest safety architecture. The device has been conformance tested according to ODVA’s CT17.

For finding out core aspects like capacity utilization and upcoming services, C_582 provides all necessary alarms and diagnostic messages for long term machine and plant surveillance.

Firmware update via SNCT:
Windows application for setting and saving the encoder parameters via Ethernet / IP is available. The user has the option of evaluating operating data, evaluating detailed diagnostic information, and carrying out firmware updates.

Fractions for gear factor:
Fractional gearbox parameters (numerator/denominator) for almost any reproduction of gearbox factors or scalable resolutions as well as exact detection of repeating rotary axes is available.

Precise safety level features:
SIL2 or SIL3 – use the same mechanical and electronic features with precise safety levels based on your application needs. The main features include Position, Speed, and Direction.

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