Safety Absolute Encoder for EcoStruxure™

Absolute rotary encoder for Ethernet/IP CIP safety
Published by TR-Electronic GmbH


Connected device to monitor safe speed and position of a machine

In every domain of the industry business, whenever a machine is moving close to people interacting with the process, safety is an important concern. Not only to keep installation as well as machine safe and secure but also to allow more efficient and faster operation, functional safety remains a constantly challenging parameter. Control and machine safety are strongly linked and ease the process to collect ample information for mastering dangerous situations in an efficient manner. Connected and smart devices are bringing new technologies for better control and safety.

TR-Electronic provides communicating safety-certified rotary encoders according to EN 61508, EN 62061 and ISO 13849 featuring safe position, safe speed, safe direction of rotation or stationary monitoring. Those safety encoders now available via EtherNet/IP – CIP Safety can be directly connected to a communication network of the Modicon M580 Safety ePAC to get measurements and diagnostics.

Safety Absolute Encoder for EcoStruxure™


Easy integration with control system

Such devices make it possible to reduce the costs of installation, wiring, engineering, commissioning, and maintenance of the control system by direct access from the safety controller to the device. Also integration in EcoStruxure™ Control Expert, smart information delivered on a suitable scale, a powerful diagnostic and no additional requirement of positional sensors.

Flexible for a suitable usage

This range of safety integrated multiturn rotary encoders is available in a 58mm mounting space with a complete redundant design with the solid shaft, blind shaft and hollow shaft to best adjust to the need. SIL 2 or SIL 3 – use the same mechanical and electronic features with precise safety level for your application needs.

One piece alternative for existing solutions

CD_582+FS was designed with category 4 architecture according to ISO 13849-1 in focus. That means that you can replace existing solutions with two separate encoders on a common shaft by this one piece solution. CD_582+FS uses the same installation space as standard encoders in size 58mm would use. Installation situation can be used as before and safe encoder values are no more a question of installation space.

No additional requirement of engineering system

CD_582+FS is equipped with a hardware reset switch. This resets the encoder to delivery state (factory settings) without the use of an engineering system or programming device.
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