SCADAPack 32 C++ Tools

C++ Tools for SCADAPack 32
Published by Schneider Electric


SCADAPack C++ Tools for SCADAPack 32 Smart RTUs

SCADAPack C++ Tools are ideal for engineers and programmers who require advanced programming tools for SCADA applications and process control. The SCADAPack 32 Smart RTU executes Telepace Ladder or IEC 61131-1 logic code and a single compiled C++ application program simultaneously.

This software package provides software tools (function libraries) for creating a C++ logic control application for the 32-bit SCADAPack 32 Smart RTU series.


  • The compiler is not included in this download package and must be purchased separately: part number: TBUM327094.
  • Legacy 16-bit SCADAPack and SCADAPack 300 Smart RTUs are supported by other C/C++ Tools which are available for free download elsewhere on SHOP.

The version of software and firmware included in this download is 2.25. Please refer to the document available from the Docs & Videos tab.

Download SHA256 checksum available on the Docs & Videos Tab.

Note: After downloading, unblock the ZIP file: Right-click on the zip file, select Properties and select the Unblock check-box.

SCADAPack 32 C++ Tools


Enhanced control capabilities

Use the C++ applications to add complex mathematical calculations and other custom control algorithms to the RTU.

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