General Purpose Library for Aveva System Platform (OMI) 2020

General Purpose Library for your automation system
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Value Proposition
  • Supported Functions
  • High Performance Template
  • Customization
  • Opportunity
  • Auto Binding IO Address
  • Process & Device Templates

Value Proposition

  • Reduced engineering and deployment time & cost
  • Seamless device integration & management using Libraries
  • Advanced diagnostics capabilities
  • Equipment maintenance information to help quick decision making
  • Supported Functions

    The General Purpose Library provides core control and visualization functions for your automation system.

    It includes:

    Process Modules
    • IO Management (Digital, Analog, Counter)
    • Control Modules (Motors, Valves)
    • Continuous Control (PID, Rate, Internal Model)
    • Calculations (Analog, Digital, Pulse Width, Split Range, Step3)
    • Sequential Control (Sequence, Batch (inBatch Phase), Equipment)

    Communications modules
    • Modbus Serial
    • Modbus Ethernet
    • Ethernet IP
    • Profibus

    Device Integration
    • TesysT, TesysU
    • Altistart
    • Altivar

    Power Devices
    • SEPAM
    • Masterpact, Compact, Masterpact MTZ
    • Accusine
    • UPS
    • Power Meters

    Controller Diagnostics
    • Modicon M340
    • Modicon M580

    High Performance Template

    GPL templates are developed with reduced Resource that helps to reduce app engine scan time and improve performance or reduce number of app engines required.
    Reduced Resources
    • Resource reductions will reduce app engine scan time and improve performance or reduce number of app engines required.
    Scan Rate Reductions
    • IO performance is determined by the speed of scans to read the data from the controller, update the database and inform the HMI.
    • Scan rate reductions will provide a proportional impact (until IO becomes the limiting variable)


    GPL templates are developed with capability to customize them easily. User can Customize the Text for various caption and labels easily.
    Instance Text Customization
    • Within the controller we use common blocks because there is no benefit to have multiple blocks. DEVCTL is used for a motor and a valve. The operator however wants a UI which is specific to the application in which they are working MOTOR2 is Forward/Reverse or Fast/Slow. The user is now able to customize the text displayed for each instance of the control module to ensure that the operator gets the status and commands the control module with accuracy.
    Interface / Label Customization
    • Override Inputs The “Simulation” name has been changed to “Input Override” to make the impact of simulation clearer to the operator. The current value (of the input) is displayed in the Input Value while the override is active.


  • Reduced cost to be more competitive against competition
  • System Sales by including more Schneider Product in a solution bundle by leveraging library’s integration capability
  • Auto Binding IO Address

    Templates are designed to support both OPC UA and OFS DA Communication Protocol. Hence binding for GPL Templates are Intended to be used along with "EcoStruxure Control Expert - Asset Link" to perform "Binding" of IO Address based on OPC UA or OPC DA Protocol selected.

    Process & Device Templates

    Wide Range of Ready to use Process & Device Templates

    Process Templates

    Digital Input & Output, Analog Input & Output, Multiple Analog Selector Motors: Single, Dual Direction, Variable Speed Valves: Valves, Control Valves, Motorised Valves PID, Pulse Width, Ramp, Split, 3 Step, Lead/Lag, Ratio, Sequential Control - ISA S88 Sequence Manager

    Device Templates
    Motor Starters (TesysT, TesysU), Soft Starters (Altistart), Variable Speed Drives (Altivar), Protection Relays, Circuit Breakers (Compact, Masterpact),Power Meters, Harmonic Filters

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