General Purpose Library V2 for EcoStruxure™ Control Expert

General Purpose Library with core control functions for your automation system
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Signals
  • Control modules
  • Process control - continuous
  • Process control - sequential
  • Power devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Enhanced Functionalities


Management of Analog and Digital IO:
Hardware abstraction
  • The library is designed to be controller and IO location independent. The IO can be connected to any controller via the x80 racks or via an STB rack.
Signal processing
  • Digital Inputs (with Timestamp), Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs (up to 4 sensors), Analog Outputs (incl PWM) and Counters are supported. All inputs are supported by calculation blocks, alarm generation and totals.
Smart sensors
  • SCAIME load cells (via PMESWT) module are supported.
User setpoints
  • Digital, Integer, Real and String values can be accepted from the user interface and mapped to controller variables. Analog control values apply a ramp to ensure setpoint changes have minimal impact on the process.
Field Bus communications
  • Support is available for device communication via Modbus (serial), Modbus (ethernet), Ethernet IP or Profibus. Communication blocks are available to optimize explicit communications via the Ethernet ports of the controller and communication cards.

Control modules

Control Modules are the core blocks which implement the process.
Control modules
  • Motors can be direct, dual speed, dual direction or variable speed. Motors have optional components to manage device failures, interlock conditions, maintenance data gathering and control via a local panel.
  • Valve control modules are provided for single, dual actuator and rotary valves as well as motorized valves and pneumatic and motorized control valves. Valves have optional components for interlocks to open or close the motor and maintenance data. Motorised valves also contain failure and local panel capabilities.
Motor Management
  • Motors (direct or controlling valves) can be linked to a starter or drive. The library provides control to the TesysT, TesysU, Altistart and Altivar motor management from Schneider Electric.

Process control - continuous

Control key variables in the process to ensure highest quality and lowest cost of production.

Options: Additional continuous control capabilities are available within the advanced process control libraries. Model Predictive Control, Fuzzy Logic and more advanced Internal Model Control blocks are available to meet the needs of your process.

Process control - continuous
Loop control
  • Loop control is possible via PID, Lead/Lag, 3Step, Ratio or Internal Model Control. The loops can be controlled in Automatic or Manual and can be cascaded. Internally the PID control uses the PIDFF control module of Control Expert.
  • Control blocks exist to allow a selection of set points, control parameters (PID) or to split the impact of the loop output against two control modules.

Process control - sequential

Control of the process executed within the control system.
Process control - sequential
Sequence (S88)
  • An S88 compatible sequence engine is available to manage your process. The sequence can manage 999 steps and call child sequences to extend the number of assets under control. User Interfaces are available to monitor the progress of the sequence.
Phase management (InBatch)
  • An S88 compatible engine linked as a phase to InBatch is available to execute the different phase blocks required by inBatch. InBatch can call the phase (with parameters) as required by the batch engine and the phase will interface the recipe to the physical process.
Equipment module (NS88)
  • There are some equipment which need to move betwen modes without stopping. In these cases an equipment module is used. It allows start and stop (like a sequence) but also to transition between states of operation.

Power devices

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive set of power control and management devices. The library offers the ability to control and monitor the status of the power devices used within the control system.

Additional capabilities in power control are available in the power control and energy management libraries, which are aligned with this offer.

Power devices
Power control
  • Compact and MasterPact circuit breakers and well as SEPAM protection relays can be monitored and controlled via the library.
Power monitoring
  • PM 53xx and PM82xx series power meters can be accessed via libraries. Accusine harmonic filters can also be accessed.


Network diagnostic information:
  • M340 and M580 controller can be monitored by accessing the status registers of the controller.

Enhanced Functionalities

When compared to previous release of GPL for Control Expert, this Library version provide below mentioned enhanced functionalities: Additional Modes of Operations as applicable (Simulation and maintenance modes ) Single Function Block for Motorized Valves (MVALVE and MVALVED) for easy configuration and usage
Enhanced Functionalities
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