Digital shop floor management application
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Digital collaboration and visual management for modern production sites

fabriq is a cloud application that boosts the daily operational efficiency of shop floor teams. A recent McKinsey & Company study estimates that moving to digital collaboration can improve productivity of 20% - 30% in collaboration-intensive factories.


fabriq provides an intuitive and collaborative solution on which shop floor workers can rely on and delivers efficiency gains of 2% - 3% by allowing users to solve operational issues faster, make information flow freely and leverage operational data to augment daily decision making.


Embed all plant teams (production, support, management) in customizable interfaces accessible on mobile, tablet, touch screen or desktop that integrate all the tools of your Operational Excellence system.

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Daily management system

Visual Management


A single source of truth for everyone

Track & follow your teams’ performances thanks to an enriched and reliable single source of operational truth.

Reduce non value added time and accelerate problem solving

Each team supervisor saves on average 30min per day and issues get solved 3x faster

Leverage shop floor data

Capitalize on your data to reduce problems’ recurrence, measure your performances and promote a continuous improvement culture.
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