Integrated Terminal Automation System


Solution integrating Plant & Business Systems

As terminal operation volumes continue to grow throughout the world, terminals are seeking ways of improving the productivity and efficiency with which they meet their customer requirements. Terminal operators need to streamline their business processes in order to stay competitive and profitable while handling increased volumes, larger vessels and greater capacity.

iVisionmax-i-TAS is an Integrated Terminal Solution that delivers value from conception to implementation and operation. Our terminal and tank farm experience includes products such as crude oil, refined oil, liquefied natural gas, petroleum gas and chemical tank farms, utilizing loading systems for ships, trains, trucks and pipelines. With data integration as the TM system's core, iVision - combines automatic control and business management functions.



Overall business intelligence

Data is captured from different IT systems including operations data (terminal automation system), inventory (tank farm management system), quality (analyzers/LIMS), maintenance & HSE (in-house Oracle/SQL based systems), and sales, HR & finance data (ERP Systems) and then converted into valuable information in form of dashboards, KPIs, alerts, etc..

Safety priority for secure operations

A comprehensive service for study and validation of safety loops is conducted as Terminal safety involves environment, equipment and most importantly personnel safety.

In addition to iVisionmax-I-TAS, a rugged SIL3 safety PLC system with ethernet connectivity between field controllers are interfaced to enhance the overall loop safety.

Expandable interface to security systems

iVisionmax-I-TAS can be interfaced with security solutions like integrated access control, digital video surveillance and intrusion detection to safeguard terminals from deliberate attacks, accidents and product pilferage.


The system is embedded with security features in the architecture which inter connects multiple terminal locations through assessments, audits and awareness on cyber threats thus improving detection, analysis, mitigation and response.

Flexible mobile solutions

iVisionmax-I-TAS delivers terminal data and alerts to users to monitor real-time operations data on any device. With instant access to real-time data using smart phones & tablets, users can check inventory levels and the capacity available. It allows users to quickly create KPIs, alerts, trends and analytics from multiple data sources for faster deployment.

Improve efficiency of terminal operations

The integrated terminal management solution brings you benefits like terminal benchmarking, remote monitoring of terminals, sharing of best practices and end to end visibility of supply chain thereby fostering better management of available resources, such as empty tanks, berths, and truck bays, and minimize demurrages and inventory costs.

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