AZZO Xpert Source Measurement Report

Generate a summary of all logged measurements in PME
Published by AZZO


AZZO Xpert Source Measurement Report

The AZZO Xpert Source Measurement report provides a summary of all logged measurements in your PME system. If you are an Application Engineer, this report is useful for:
  • Diagnosing issues with PME measurements
  • Building custom reports or SQL queries
  • Showing customers a list of logged measurements as part of a project handoff

  • With this report, you can:
  • View details about the logging interval per measurement
  • View the period of time over which the measurements are logged
  • Highlight source measurement pairs that have gone stale and not received data for more than one day
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    AZZO Xpert Source Measurement Report

    System Source Measurement Report Preview


    Finish PME deployments faster

    With this report, you will no longer need to invest time querying the database for measurement information. Prevent human error and extra engineering effort.

    Simple to set up

  • Free
  • Easy to download and run install setup
  • Compatible with all versions of PME
  • Provide an additional asset for Project Handoff

    Capture a record of the measurement logging status at project handoff for the customer and/or for your support team.
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