AVOX - Android Voice Bot

Field maintenance mobile vocal assistant
Published by Alteca


  • Simplification
  • Reliability
  • Traceability
  • Mobility


Vocal interaction
Thanks to voice interactions, the operator doesn't have to carry a device in his hand.
Our product works entirely by voice, freeing the eyes and hands of your operator with a headset.

Operations are simplified and take less time to complete, for increased productivity.


Guided process
In close cooperation with you, we develop a guided process for each operation. Specific keywords of your company or domain can be defined.
During the intervention, the operator follows the process step by step, which avoids forgetting a step and increases the reliability of maintenance.


Process visualization
The operator can at any time have a complete visualization of the process to know where the intervention is, consult the data of the previous steps or to see how many steps remain.
The operator attention is therefore entirely focused on the intervention and not on monitoring the process.


Offline operations
In order to be used in all environments, our product doesn't require a constant Internet access.
You can hence use it offline on the field : an Internet access will be required to synchronize data later on.
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